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Tuva Finserås is a film composer, singer-songwriter and producer based in Nedodden, Norway. Her interest for film started in her childhood, watching VHS's over and over, writing her own books and imagining scenes play out from her own made-up manuscripts.             

She finds it intriguing to put together the sound of a certain world by experimenting with acoustic/electronic sounds, the human voice, and sounds from every day life. She is fascinated by how the voice of music can communicate a character's mental state in ways that transcend the limitations of speech. To make the music serve the film in the best possible way, she is concerned about not making the music stand out in a way that overpowers the scenes, but to gracefully communicate what isn't told by it. 

Finserås debuted as a musical artist in Melbourne, after completing a Bachelor degree in Contemporary music and songwriting at JMC Academy. After nearly 5 years in Melbourne, she returned back to her home country, and went on to study Filmmusic-composition at the faculty of the Norwegian Film School, Lillehammer. She completed SCA's summer program for Film and Game Composers in 2021, which further inspired her to pursue a career in this field. 

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