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TUVA FINSERÅS is a Norwegian-born artist whose music is far too original to pigeon-hole into a tidy genre. Her songwriting won her a spot at the annual 50 Songs in 5 Days founded by Specific music in partnership with APRA AMCOS. Tuva recently relocated back to her homeland of Scandinavia, having been based in Australia for the last 5 years.


She likes to write songs in Bb minor, and often animals appear in them. 

Tuva creates a never-ending and bewildering range of music, every note composed and arranged by her, all with her slightly off-kilter, intriguingly odd Scandinavian sensibility - a complete, 360-degree musician. 

Tuva recently released her new single 'The Wanderer' (co-produced with Brad Jackson), a track that explores difficult releationships amongst a Western inspired score. Her previous single 'I Could Be Your Angel', which has so far featured on Triple J Unearthed and across several radio shows on Triple R. 

Her debut EP was released in June 2018, produced by Benjamin McCarthy. (Alex The Astronaut, G Flip, Gordi, nyck), who was instantly captivated after seeing her show in early 2017. 

Tuva’s early musical days were fuelled classical piano and composition. She found she needed to spread her wings and a change of scenery to further pursue her passion for the arts. A passion for songwriting started in her early teen-years, straight away falling in love with the ceaseless sounds in her head.


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