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TUVA FINSERÅS is a Norwegian-born artist whose music is too original to pigeon-hole into a tidy genre.

She likes to write songs in Bb minor, and often animals appear in them. 


Her songwriting won her a spot at the annual 50 Songs in 5 Days founded by Specific music in partnership with APRA AMCOS. Tuva relocated back to her homeland of Norway in 2019, having been based in Australia for 5 years.

Tuva creates a never-ending and bewildering range of music, every note composed and arranged by her, all with her slightly off-kilter, intriguingly odd Scandinavian sensibility - a complete, 360-degree musician. 

Tuva's latest single 'The Wanderer' (co-produced with Brad Jackson), is a track that explores difficult releationships amongst a Western inspired score. The single rotated on Norwegian radio program NRK Urørt, and the Australian radio channel Triple R. 

Her debut EP was released in June 2018, produced by Benjamin McCarthy. (Alex The Astronaut, G Flip, Gordi, nyck), who was instantly captivated after seeing her show in early 2017. 

Tuva’s early musical days were fuelled classical piano and composition. She found she needed to spread her wings and a change of scenery to further pursue her passion for the arts. Currently doing a film music-composition course at HINN. 


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